Paper Cutting Machines in general

Paper cutting machines was developed relatively early right after the paper was invented. The sole was to sort paper and even other materials like plastic or cardboard to give them the final desired size and form. The oldest industrial paper cutting machine which were capable to cut chunk of papers was developed in the 6th century in China.

Later this technique - this machine - was applied all over Europe starting in France with great success. Paper cutting is something between art and industry. If you are creative you can produce really high quality cut materials. You can even cut paper into forms, which can be later folded together. The need for paper cutting machines was relatively early – actually right after when the paper was invented – also by the Chinese

As i mentioned before paper cutting is somewhere between art and the industries. Nowadays there are experts who are specialized in this narrow field – paper cutting. In the modern society you can’t even imagine how many things need to be cut and folded before it reaches their final destination. Just think about packaging or newspapers.

The first  „papers” were called permanents, and was first applied by the Han dynasty. The permanent purpose was to save important information and knowledge.

What we call Kirigami was the first attempts in paper cutting. This technique was used to make complex origami figures.

Paper cutting is something to design and produce – finish printed materials. Int he industry these products mostly functional. Hobby use can include decorative and less functional uses like home decoration or scrap booking.

If you in to buy a Paper cutting machine, your first need to clarify what your aims are. If you wan’t to save money, and finish your printing in your own office (business card, greeting card, invitation cards) you may be happy with a cheaper Dahle paper cutter. If you would like to do the above simultaneously you may go for a more expensive one, and if you need to cut paper day by day, or all the day, you should go with an industrial like big paper cutter.
They will work best for that what they were design for, don’t  go with the cheapest one if you want to use it more hours a day. This is my two cent for you!

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